A collaboration with designer Timothy Arnold.

Over the past few years, vinyls have made a comeback to music lovers, increasing the demand for them new and old. The problem however, is with a rise in new audience wanting them, the older vinyls look outdated and not suited to the audience wanting it, however amazing the music inside may be, it won't get picked up unless it looks 'right'. Myself and Tim both felt that by re-designing these covers, we could introduce this new audience into a more open view of the music, based on the cover of the vinyl, using that to attract them. By selecting a handful of vinyls from our local charity shop, we began re-shaping the way people felt about vinyl covers themselves, opting for a more free and open aesthetic to them, hopefully giving them a modern twist.

We decided on keeping the back quite simple and similar so they were recognisable as a set and to add emphasis onto the main artwork on the front. Each cover was created from our response to the album. We want people to be enticed by the vinyl before they know who the artist is, that way engaging them more with the link to the artist, the lyrics and the feel of the music.

Archiving Sound