‘Whenever Dad asked me about work, how Graphic Design was going and what new zines have I made, we always joked about how I should make one about him. I always replied with ‘one day!’, and today is that day. A keen photographer, this zine is a celebration of him and the photos he’s captured over the years, a joint passion of ours and something I never knew he was interested in until we discovered all of his old photos before he passed away. A creative soul, he celebrated the arts by constantly drawing and encouraging me to do the same, even during his last years, something I’ll forever be grateful for. This zine is dedicated to him, to my dad who always had a joke and a camera at the ready, and easily the funniest man in the room.’

Summer of 2020, I lost my father after his battle with cancer. Since his passing, I’ve learnt to realise we were very similar, especially in how we express ourselves creatively. A keen photographer, these images were unearthed after his passing. I designed this zine as a celebration of his work, by merging his photography with my design style.