During the summer of 2020, myself and a few other creatives based in London were invited by Nike and Nike London to put our own spin on a pair of Nike Air Max 95’s or 90’s. Taking inspiration from the landscapes around us and what inspires us, we were tasked with emboding our influences onto the sneakers and tell a story with them.

For me, I wanted to tell an honest story based around my personal mental health and how my community and surroundings in N7 helped build me up and provide comfort during my most challenging times. Using imagery and colour pallettes of the surrounding area’s, the ‘You Alright Mate’ Air Max 95’s were born. Everything from the promotional collages, A2 posters and photography/videography was all created by myself. Afterwards, I was asked to give out some creative tips for Nike, which can be found here.

Promotional video designed and edited by myself. 

Above are examples of promotional posters that were designed and sent out to those who helped with the campaign and supported me, at whatever capacity.
The posters were sent out for free, each one that was sent a £5 donation was sent to MIND and Samaritans, two charities who have helped me a lot and who I feel passionately about giving back too.